Most Affordable And Functional Apartments At Class Hotel Apartments 2023

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Hotel apartments are arguably one of the most comfortable forms of accommodation. Class Hotel Apartments provides a wide range of options for anyone looking for the most affordable and functional apartments in Dubai.

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If you are looking to pick a comfortable hotel apartment in Dubai there are two main options to choose from. These are, namely the studio apartment and the one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment.

Studio Apartments

Studio rooms are extremely affordable and combine the living, sleeping, and kitchen areas into a single space. The bathroom is the only separate room in such apartments. These apartments are suited for solo travelers and people looking for minimalistic and affordable hotel rooms.

The following are the studio apartments you will find at Class Hotel Apartments;

  1. Standard Studio Apartment

This modest apartment covers an area of 31m2. It is a perfect choice if you are staying alone and need an affordable hotel apartment. The apartment has a living area, a workspace, and a furnished kitchen area. A 32-inch LED TV is also provided.

  1. Deluxe Studio Apartment

This apartment covers an area of 34m2 and offers a living space, workspace, and kitchen area. The affordability and functionality make this apartment a great choice for business travelers.

  1. Premium Studio Apartment

The Premium Studio Apartment is the most spacious studio apartment with an area of 43m2. Guests can choose king or twin beds.

One-Bedroom & Two-Bedroom Apartments

If a studio apartment is not spacious enough for your needs, consider booking a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment. 

  1. Standard One Bedroom Apartment

Covering an area of 71m2 this apartment consists of a master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom and a separate living room with a dining area. A fully furnished kitchen is also included. 

  1. Deluxe One Bedroom Apartment

This one-bedroom apartment covers an area of 72m2 and has a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. A separate living room with a dining area is also included.

  1. Premium One Bedroom Apartment

Covering an area of 81m2 this apartment consists of a bedroom with an adjoining bathroom, a separate living room with a dining area, and a guest toilet. A fully furnished kitchen is also included. This is the most spacious one-bedroom option available at the hotel.

  1. Deluxe Two Bedroom Apartment

The Deluxe Two Bedroom Apartment has an area of 94m2. It is quite spacious and is ideal for families. In addition to the two bedrooms, the apartment consists of an open-plan living area that combines a lounge, dining area, and kitchen.  

  1. Premium Two Bedroom Apartment

This two-bedroom apartment covers an area of 97m2. In addition to the two bedrooms, the luxurious apartment consists of an open-plan living area that combines a lounge and a dining area. A fully furnished kitchen is also included.

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The advantages of staying in an apartment hotel have led many travelers to seek out affordable apartment hotels. With 132 apartments of varying categories, Class Hotel Apartments has enough bed space in Dubai to accommodate a considerable number of guests. Book a bed space in dubai that fits all your requirements and rest assured that all your requests will be promptly met by our diligent staff.

Looking for the most affordable and functional apartments? Your search ends here with our exceptional hotel apartments in Dubai. Experience comfort and convenience combined in the heart of this vibrant city. If you’re considering a change of scenery, explore our options in hotels in Fujairah, offering a unique blend of relaxation and adventure. For those captivated by waterfront views, hotel apartments in Dubai Marina provide the perfect oasis. Discover your ideal stay with our range of offerings, catering to diverse preferences and budgets in 2023.


  1. September 26, 2023

    I’m all about finding comfortable yet budget-friendly accommodations during my travels, and Class Hotel Apartments seem to offer a fantastic range of options. The variety of studio apartments is impressive, and the fact that they cater to both solo travelers and business travelers with different needs is a huge plus. Can’t wait to explore Dubai while staying in one of these functional apartments!

  2. September 26, 2023

    The detailed descriptions of the different apartment types at Class Hotel Apartments are super helpful for travelers like me who value both affordability and functionality. The Premium Studio Apartment, with its extra space, caught my eye. It’s great to know that I can find comfort without overspending in Dubai.

  3. September 26, 2023

    Traveling with family can sometimes be a challenge, but Class Hotel Apartments seem to have the perfect solution with their spacious apartment options. The fact that they offer fully furnished kitchens is a game-changer, making it easier to enjoy home-cooked meals while on vacation. Looking forward to experiencing these apartments on my next trip.

  4. September 28, 2023

    I’m planning a trip to Dubai with my family, and finding affordable yet functional accommodations is crucial. The One-Bedroom and Two-Bedroom Apartments at Class Hotel Apartments seem like an excellent choice. This article provides a helpful overview of what they offer.

  5. September 28, 2023

    I’ve stayed at Class Hotel Apartments before, and their apartments always meet my expectations. The Premium One Bedroom Apartment sounds spacious and comfortable. It’s great to have options that cater to different preferences.

  6. September 28, 2023

    I appreciate the detailed descriptions of each apartment type. It helps travelers like me make an informed decision based on our needs and budget. The Standard Studio Apartment sounds like a perfect choice for my next solo trip.

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