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5 Advantages of Staying in an Apartment Hotel in Dubai in 2023

5 Advantages of Staying in an Apartment Hotel in Dubai in 2023

Craving the comfort of a home without being burdened by the responsibilities and chores that come with it? The solution to your woes is an apartment hotel. An apartment hotel or an apart-hotel combines hotel-like services with the comfort of a home. Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure renting an apartment hotel in Dubai is your best choice if you are on the lookout for a cozy stay.


Difference Between An Apartment Hotel And A Hotel

There are a couple of differences between an apartment hotel and a hotel. The key difference is the difference in layout and space. Hotel rooms commonly consist of a single space with a bed, a sitting area, and a bathroom. Apartment hotels on the other hand are quite spacious and consist of separate living areas, bedrooms, and kitchens.


In essence, an apartment hotel is a fully furnished apartment that comes with all hotel-style services. Most Hotel apartments in Al Barsha also allow you to request personalized services which are not often available at a regular hotel. 


Advantages Of Renting An Apartment Hotel In Dubai

Known for its world-class tourism and luxury hospitality, Dubai has a lot to offer for travelers. There are countless places to visit and a variety of cuisines to try.  The city is also one of the most visited cities in the world.  

For a tourist, an ideal place to stay will be accessible and connected to the major spots in Dubai. It should also provide you with a hassle-free, comfortable space that you could come back to after a whole day of touring the city. And an apartment hotel satisfies all these needs. Let’s take a detailed look at the advantages of staying in a hotel apartment in Dubai.


  1. Convenience and Comfort

To make the most out of your visit to Dubai, you will need a cozy place to stay. And that is exactly what an aparthotel in Dubai has to offer.

A serviced apartment in Dubai will offer you all the comforts that you could desire. Services like housekeeping and laundry, and amenities like TV, ironing board, gym, swimming pool, washing machine, etc contribute to making your stay comfortable and trouble-free. 


  1. Budget-Friendly

Staying in a hotel for longer than a week can be extremely expensive in Dubai. A Hotel Apartments in Dubai Marina  on the other hand is much more affordable with rental rates as low as AED 3000 per month. 

Dubai, being a popular tourist destination, will have no dearth of apartment hotels and you can choose one that best fits your budget. Many of these apartment hotels will also provide you with offers and discounts for longer stays. You could also cut costs by cooking your own meals instead of dining out. 

  1. Space

Now this one is obvious. A hotel apartment offers at least 30% more space than a regular hotel room. This means you have more space to work, relax, or just spend time with your family. Compared to a hotel apartment, a hotel room can seem cramped and uncomfortable. 

The actual size of the apartment will depend on the room that you book. For example, a Superior Two-Bedroom apartment in Ivory Grand will have an area of 110 m2 whereas one-bedroom apartments will naturally be smaller.


  1. Kitchen

Apartment hotels come with a kitchen. While all apart-hotels provide the basic kitchen equipment, the specific amenities you have will depend on the room you book. For example, a Premium Two Bedroom Apartment of Class Hotel Apartments offers a fully equipped kitchen with amenities like an electric kettle, stove, refrigerator, and an adjacent dining area.


Additionally, this can be a valuable facility if you are looking to cut costs. Dining out can be very expensive, especially in a city like Dubai. Cooking your own food in the well-equipped kitchen of a hotel apartment can be a budget-friendly way to make the most out of your stay in Dubai. You can also refrigerate leftovers or beverages. 


  1. Flexibility and Personalization

A hotel apartment provides you with a chance to avail yourself of personalized services. For example, you can choose the frequency of housekeeping services. You can opt for weekly or biweekly housekeeping according to your personal preferences. 


An aparthotel is more flexible than a hotel. You can choose whether to cook your own food or dine out, you can restrict distractions and even entertain guests. Many Marina hotel apartments in Dubai or Hotels and Resorts in Fujairah also allow you to stay with your pets.



If you are planning to visit Dubai, an apartment hotel can be the ideal accommodation for you. Benefits like comfort, affordability, flexibility, and plenty of space along with amenities like the kitchen make it an appealing choice, especially for those seeking a long-term stay. Whether you are traveling for leisure or business, booking an apartment hotels dubai marina might be the most convenient option that satisfies all your accommodation needs. 


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